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Carefree Crocodiles – Swim Meets FAQ

Q: What does my swimmer need to bring to the meet?

A: Swimmers should bring the obvious essentials--swimsuit, towel, cap, and goggles. Since the meets are in the evening, swimmers may also want to bring a sweatshirt/jacket and pants in case it gets cool. Swimmers will be asked to sit in one area or “camp” and they may want to bring an old sleeping bag or extra towel to sit on. Healthy snacks and a water bottle or drink are a must. Since there will be “down time” between events, swimmers should bring along cards or a book to occupy the time. 

Q: What shouldn’t my swimmer bring to a meet?

A: Leave behind the obvious--crabby attitudes and poor sportsmanship, along with anything that may be valuable, such as electronic devices, etc. The camp area gets wet from all the traffic, so swimmers are advised not to bring anything they don’t want to lose or get damaged.

Q: What should parents bring to a meet?

A: Unless scheduled to work a meet, parents may want to bring a lawn chair and snacks. Extra cash will also be popular, because most pools (including ours!) have a concession stand! Siblings and other relatives of our swimmers are more than welcome to attend our events.

Q: Is there anything parents should not bring to a meet?

A: We’d like our parents to also leave behind the obvious--crabby attitudes and poor sportsmanship, along with alcoholic beverages and smoking materials including vapes, cigars, and pipes.

Q. How do I know what events my child will swim?

A: The coaches post sheets at our swimmer’s camp (usually on the fence) and they are arranged by age group. Please refer to these sheets instead of asking the coaches since they will be involved with warm-ups and getting the swimmers ready for the meet.

Q. Should my child stay with me when not swimming their events?

A. Please encourage them to stay at the camp area (where they stay when not in their events) – it is fun and the coaches will have an easier time locating swimmers for their events.

Q: What’s the schedule for a swim meet?

A: During the warm-up period, swimmers will be told what events they will be swimming for that meet. There are 76 events, broken down by age group, stroke and individual or relay activity. It’s important for our swimmers to stay in the camp area and not wander off--they may miss their event! Typically each swimmer will be entered into 3-4 events per meet. Following the meet, certain age groups will be assigned to pick up trash. Those on “trash duty” will be released to go after the coaches are satisfied with the condition of the camp area. Swimmers not on “trash duty” are free to go immediately after the meet. Dual meets generally last about 3 hours. Please note that after the last event is finished, the pool will be closed. Swimmers will not be allowed back into the pool and no horseplay will be tolerated.

Q: How long are the swim meets?

A: About 2-3.5 hours.

Q: What recognition do swimmers receive?

A: At the dual meets, typically 1st through 6th place get ribbons for swimmers ages 8-17. Some teams may award additional places. The ribbons will be placed in the swim box during the meet, and the coaches will bring out the box after the next practice so the swimmers can collect their ribbons. Swimmers ages 6 and younger get exhibition ribbons. At the conference meet, medals are provided for 1st through 3rd place, and nice ribbons for 4th through 8th place.

Q: Where are the swim meets held?

A: Half of our meets are home meets at the Carefree pool and half are away. Driving directions for the away meets can be found by selecting the “Pool Locations” link on our website.

Q: Is there a fee to get into the swim meets?

A: No. All swim meets are free to attend. 

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