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Carefree Swim Lessons – FAQ

Q: How do the SwimAmerica™ lessons work?

A: On Day 1, every swimmer is evaluated to determine in which of 10 levels he/she should be placed. The evaluation is based on demonstration of specific skills for that level. For example, at Level 1, one of the skills a swimmer must exhibit is to ‘bubble and bob’ 10 times in a row, completely submersing his/her head and blowing out bubbles. Following the evaluation, each swimmer will work at his/her designated level until he/she has mastered the skills for that level.

Q: What happens then?

A: The swimmer is recognized for his/her accomplishments and moved to the next level. This can happen at the beginning, middle or end of a lesson.

Q: What is the ratio of instructors to swimmers?

A: The SwimAmerica™ approach utilizes a very small ratio. Typically we have NO MORE than 4 swimmers per instructor.

Q: Will my child need “floaties” or a life jacket?

A: No. We do not use floatation equipment at lessons. We recommend that parents do NOT bring any floatation equipment to the pool.

Q: What equipment does my child need for lessons?

A: Your child needs a towel and hair band if he/she has long hair. We also recommend sandals or flip flops as the pool deck can get quite hot. It’s also important to make sure your child has sunscreen on prior to arriving at lessons. Swim caps and goggles are optional.

Q: My child is 4…can she participate in lessons?

A: On Day 1 we will evaluate your child to determine if he/she is comfortable in the water, can separate easily from you, and can take direction from one of our instructors. If so, we welcome your child in the program. If he/she cannot meet these requirements, we will fully refund your payment for lessons.

Q: My child will not be able to attend one day of lessons due to a previously scheduled commitment or sickness. Is there a way to “make up” the lesson?

A; Yes, your child may take two lessons on another day in order to make up for the missed lesson. Please let Tristin Grubb, Swim lessons director,  know if you need to do this.

Q: I have an older child who doesn’t swim well enough to join a team, but he wants to. What do you recommend?

A: We have many older children who join our SwimAmerica™ program for stroke improvement. Levels 5 – 10 focus on mastering the strokes as well as learning about starts and turns.

Q: What should I do during lessons?

A: You are welcome to remain at the pool during lessons. However, we do ask that you refrain from contacting your child during lessons. Please do not offer any additional guidance, direction or discipline during lessons. Our instructors are trained to handle all types of situations and it is important for you to let them do what they do best…teach your child to swim. If your child is experiencing a problem that requires your attention, our Program Director will contact you.

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